Monday, 6 August 2012

Wizkid called D’Banj (Akpan) on Twitter - Photo

Wizkid called D’Banj (Akpan) on Twitter - Photo

Ha! I Can't laugh O

heheh imagine, na so beefing take dey start o non worry i go show una D'banj own...

D'Banj Life Before And Now

When i keep telling people that money can do everything they will think am insane or something like, seriously or even come to think of it, if not money how will this poor boy be today? well i am not going to take much of time take a look at our popular Nigerian Star today D'Banj.
D'Banj Before

Base On

Base on tradition so, see as the g*y dey skinny like this hungry won nearly finish am lolz thats what will call money hehe...
D'Banj Now Mr Endowed
lolz now wen money don show now na e him dey call himself Mr Endowed so oo.. Hehe funny tinz self eh. no go k*ll person o..