Thursday, 25 October 2012

Snoop Dogg Become Snoop Lion For Life

The famed 41-year-old West Coast rapper, Snoop Dogg changes his name almost everyday as he get more to use every week.
Snoop Dogg, Make it clear that he was the reincarnation of BOB MARLEY and therefore wanted to change his name to Snoop Lion.

Don Jazzy And Psquare Hookup On Twitter

Don Jazzy And Psquare play around on the one of the leading social network Twitter, Here is there tweets conservation as they hookup on twitter.

Delta State Expert RoadmapsTo Resettlement Of Flood Victims

Experts to Device Roadmaps to Resettlement of Flood Victims in various Town and Communities in Delta State, Area's like Oleh, Ozoro, Igbide, Oyode, Iyede, Oloromoro, Emede, Irii, Aviara etc. Were mentioned at the meeting.
As a result of the flood, most roads lead to various cities in Delta state has been demolish. I thank God our expert spoke about it, And if YOU have been following my updates on the recent Flooding Disaster Lets have the hope our spoiled road will be repair.
I will be going back to my adventure as its been said that water flooding is returning gradually....
more photos from the meeting