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NEW MUSIC: Krazy Rymz [@KrazyRymz] – Maloro


 No doubt this is another recording Artiste, South South is producing, Krazy Rymz is the next rated artiste from the South, He had done couple of songs, as he decided to drop *Maloro* for the street as a starting point. You know what it is. :D DOWNLOAD MP3   

Sunday, 19 January 2014

WOw 50 Most Popular Women on the Web, Per Google Search Results

50 Most Popular Women on the Web, Per Google Search Results

VIDEO: Lady Gaga shows her softer side in MTVs "Inside the Outside."
Which women are searched most often on Google?
COED Magazine has compiled a list based on Google search results that is flying around the Internet, sporting some surprises -- Justin Bieber comes in at No. 7 -- and some givens -- Lady Gaga tops the list at No. 1.
SEE PHOTOS: Celebrity Beach Bods
Here are the top 10:
1. Lady Gaga
2. Kesha
3. Madonna
4. Beyonce
5. Rihanna
6. Britney Spears
7. Justin Bieber
8. Miley Cyrus
9. Paris Hilton
10. Avril Lavigne
Washington's famous women made a showing as well: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is No. 18, first lady Michelle Obama No. 21 and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton No. 32.
Poor Justin Bieber. This is the second time in a week that the teen heartthrob and perpetual trending topic on Twitter has sent the Internet into a tizzy. He has also been accused of not knowing the meaning of the word "German."
An interview on a New Zealand TV show has been making the rounds on the web, showing Bieber floundering when the host asked him if "Bieber" means "basketball" in German. He at first acted perplexed and finally said, "We don't use that word in America."
SEE PHOTOS: Top Racy Celebrity Advertisement Campaigns
It seems likely that the host's thick Kiwi accent was the culprit here, because Bieber does appear to be familiar with German in this Bravo interview.
Back to the web's favorite women. Who was left off that you think should have made it? Who were the biggest surprises? Here is the full list:
50. Eva Longoria
49. Scarlett Johansson
48. Carmen Electra
47. Tina Fey
46. Adriana Lima
45. Lily Allen
44. Sarah Jessica Parker
43. Kelly Clarkson
42. Carrie Underwood
41. Amy Winehouse
40. Vanessa Hudgens
39. Katie Price
38. Ashley Tisdale
37. Hilary Duff
36. Marilyn Monroe
35. Heidi Montag
34. Demi Moore
33. Jennifer Aniston
32. Hillary Clinton
31. Ciara
30. Kristen Stewart
29. Betty White
28. Pamela Anderson
27. Fergie
26. Jessica Alba
25. Christina Aguilera
24. Sandra Bullock
23. Kim Kardashian
22. Katy Perry
21. Michelle Obama
20. Lindsay Lohan
19. Jessica Simpson
18. Sarah Palin
17. Mariah Carey
16. Jennifer Lopez
15. Megan Fox
14. Oprah
13. Angelina Jolie
12. Taylor Swift
11. Shakira
10. Avril Lavigne
9. Paris Hilton
8. Miley Cyrus
7. Justin Bieber
6. Britney Spears
5. Rihanna
4. Beyonce
3. Madonna
2. Kesha
1. Lady GaGa

How Do Tax Deductions Work When Donating a Car? SEE HOW

How Do Tax Deductions Work When Donating a Car? SEE HOW
Donating your car to charity can result in significant tax savings if you include it in your charitable contribution deduction. However, doing a little planning will ensure that you maximize the tax savings of your donation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires you to calculate your deduction in one of two ways, depending on how the charity uses your donation. Deductions for cars the charity sells are limited to the sales price. In all other cases, you can use the car's fair market value.
Step 1: Find out how much the charity sold the car for

Use the price the charity obtains for your car in a sale as the amount of your deduction. For example, if the charity sells the car at auction for $3,000, your deduction is limited to $3,000, even if the fair market value is $4,500. However, if the charity sells the car at a discount to a needy individual or keeps the car for its own internal use, then you can claim a deduction for its fair market value.
Step 2: Determine the car's fair market value

The IRS suggests that you use a reputable used-car price guide to calculate your deduction when using fair market value. For example, go to your local library and obtain a recent copy of the Kelley Blue Book. Search the private party prices for your vehicle based on its make, model and overall condition. This type of search can be done on the Internet as well.
Step 3: Claiming the deduction

Report the amount of your deduction on line 17 of Schedule A. Since you can only claim a deduction for your car donation if you itemize, the total of all your eligible expenses on Schedule A must exceed the standard deduction amount for your filing status.

If you use TurboTax to prepare your taxes, we’ll help you determine which filing status will get you the biggest tax savings.
Step 4: Additional forms you'll need

Complete Form 8283 if your car donation deduction is more than $500. If your deduction is between $501 and $5,000, you must complete Section A. If your deduction is greater than $5,000, you must complete Section B. If you complete Section B, you must also obtain a written appraisal as documentation.

Again, if you use TurboTax, we’ll ask simple questions and fill in all the right forms for you.


    If the charity sells your car sells for $500 or less, you can deduct $500 or your car’s fair market value, whichever is less. For example, if your car is valued at $650 but sells for $350, you can deduct $500.
    Most charities will report the sales price of your car to you on Form 1098-C.


    You must have documentation of your donation. At a minimum, the documentation you receive from the charity must include your name, the vehicle identification number, the date of your donation and a statement describing the goods and services you received, if any.


Can You Donate Car to Charity California?

Donate Car to Charity California
Donate Car to Charity California
Can You Donate Car to Charity California?
  The whole process of donating your automobile to charity California put in at home: Call the particular charity and also someone arrive and perk up your car or truck, or explain where to get it. However, with a great number of charities available and more and more people trying in order to scam your innocent, selecting the suitable organization is just not always effortless.
What to try and do First

  Prior to deciding to hand on the keys for your car to a charity, your IRS recommends that a person:

  •     Research your charity.

  •     Check if you may receive a new tax gain for ones donation.

  •     Look up the valuation on your car (however, you can only take the actual amount your charity offers your vehicle for).

  •     Ask if you, being a donor, have other responsibilities.

In add-on, you may want to consider:

  •     How can your automobile be used?

  •     Will the cash from your sale of this car be used locally and out of your current community?

  •     Which usually programs as well as services inside charity can receive support from the actual sale?

    It is possible to efficiency ranking of the particular charity? (A reduced rating means more of your respective donation moves toward administrative costs, not to the plans and solutions you need to support.)  

10 Ways and How to choose a criminal lawyer in art of court

 10 Ways and How to choose a criminal lawyer in art of court
If found guilty of a criminal offense, you are potentially facing jail time, significant fines and even forfeit of property, including vehicles and other valuable possessions. So choosing an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has court experience, litigation success and expert knowledge of the law is essential to ensuring you receive the best defense and personal outcome.

There are a variety of ways to find a criminal lawyer, ranging from the yellow pages, to online search engines to word of mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues you trust. In almost all cases, you should meet with several lawyers before making a decision. Most lawyers provide a free initial consultation, during which they expect you to ask a lot of questions about their experience and your case.

Here are 11 important questions to ask your potential lawyer:
How many years have you been representing persons accused of a crime?

This provides you with an understanding of the lawyer’s experience.
How many years have you specialized in criminal defense of serious charges?

A lawyer can be in practice for many years and not represent a criminal client. You want someone who has practical experience in criminal defenses, in obtaining reduced charges as well as court room experience.
What is your track record in having criminal charges dropped or reduced?

This is an important question since it would be preferable not to go to court and defend a criminal charge.
What percentage of your cases have gone to trial?

It is also very important that your lawyer has court experience if your case does make it to court.
How many criminal guilty and not guilty verdicts have you had?

A lawyer with an excellent “not guilty” verdict record does not mean they will win your case, but it does bode well if the lawyer has a track record with many positive outcomes.
How many criminal cases have you handled that are like mine?

Every situation is different, so it is possible and even likely the lawyer has not handled a case just like yours, but it is preferable if the lawyer has represented criminal cases that were similar to yours.
What are the key concerns you have with my situation?

It is important to know any concerns your lawyer may have before you hire them, so that you know what factors could affect the verdict and how they will approach your defense.
What do you think the outcome of my case will be?

An experienced criminal attorney will not be able to guarantee a specific outcome but they should have a perspective and experience they can draw from to give you an idea on what to expect.
Who in your office will be handling my case and how will you communicate with me?

You should know who from the lawyer’s team will be working on your case and what experience they have in preparing and defending criminal charges. You must also know who will be the primary point of contact and how often you should expect to interact directly with your lawyer.
What is the potential cost of my defense?

Undertaking a criminal defense in court can be expensive depending on the complexity of the case. The lawyer should provide you with a reasonable estimated cost given your circumstances. You should be leery of a lawyer who quotes you fees that seem too low. This is also why it is important to interview more than one lawyer.

As much as you need the criminal lawyer to be honest with you, you also need to be totally honest with the lawyer. Don’t be afraid to honestly answer questions asked by the attorney regarding the situation and circumstances leading up to and then after the arrest.  What you tell the lawyer is protected under attorney-client privilege, which means it can’t be used against you later in the trial.

Omawumi calls Noble Igwe out...

Omawumi calls Noble Igwe out... 
Don't know exactly what happened between these two (I think they used to be friends? Not sure) but I've noticed they have been subtly subbing each other on Twitter. Omawumi this time around twitted directly at him...The 360nobs founder is yet to respond.

PHOTOS: Omotola, Toke, Omawumi, Others Shine At Genvoices Telethon

Photos from 100,000 Voices Telethon held at Koga studios, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos and broadcast live on Channels TV, EbonyLife TV and Beat FM on January 18, 2014 between 10am and 1pm.
Celebrities arrived in their numbers to lend their voices to GenVoices, the project-driven platform harnessing the offline & online energy of young Nigerians for practical efforts towards nation building.
In attendance were Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Omawummi, Timi Dakolo, Mai Atafo, Eku Edewor, Mai Atafo, Toke Makinwa, Omoni Oboli, Kemi Lala Akindoju amongst others. See pics after the cut.
See the photos from the occasion below.
genvoices_telethon1 genvoices_telethon5 genvoices_telethon6 genvoices_telethon7 genvoices_telethon8

Jim Iyke And Nadia Buari Flossing + Luxurious Photos From Jim Iyke Unscripted Show

Nollywood’s bad boy — Jim Iyke seems to be as happy as happy gets with his Ghanaian love — Nadia Buari.
The lovebirds shared photos from the super luxurious three-day photo shoot of the season 2 of the Jim Iyke Unscripted reality television show.
The photos shows a Phantom Rolls Royce and a private jet all parked up in various locations in Ghana and was handled by two of Ghana’s highly respected fashion photographers Barrak and Steven Adeusei.
Nice photos too!!!

Photo: See What Happend To Students Caught Watchin Adult Flicks In The Classroom

Students In Zimbabwe Being Beaten By Their Teacher After Being Caught Watching Adult Flicks On Their Cell Phones!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Nadia Buari gives Wizkid a kiss (LOOK)

Nadia Buari gives Wizkid a kiss (LOOK)

They took this pic while at the airport chilling for their flight. 

PHOTO: MKO Abiola With Wife, Kudirat And Children

PHOTO: MKO Abiola With Wife, Kudirat And Children 


Archbishop Desmond Tutu Launches The World’s First Gay Political Party

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Launches The World’s First Gay Political Party
ARCHBISHOP Desmond Tutu has surprised South Africans by announcing the formation of a gay political party called the Democratic Religious Alliance Against Minority Antagonism (DRAAMA), which will take part in a general election later this year.
Desmond tutu 600x400 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Launches The Worlds First Gay Political Party
Last year Tutu outraged Christians when he declared: “I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven…No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to hell…I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this.”
The Nobel Peace Prize laureate and South African archbishop emeritus added that he does not believe religion provides justification for homophobia.
His passion on the issue has led him to form the world’s first gay political party to address an issue which he feels president Jacob Zuma “tiptoes” around.
The first and last time we ever heard president Jacob Zuma addressing issues around anti-homophobia was when he had to make a public apology regarding a damaging statement he made about this minority group.
In a media statement released on Wednesday, DRAAMA said it is set to be at the forefront of minority human-rights issues the current ruling party has dragged its feet in addressing.
According to this report: “With gay socialite and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo being poached as the party’s spin doctor, South Africans should brace themselves for a lot of DRAAMA!!!”
Said Mhlongo: “I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving a call from the honourable Archbishop Desmond Tutu informing me of his intentions and his request for my involvement.”
Before his election as South African President Jacob Zuma was forced to apologise after offending the gay community.
He was quoted as saying that same-sex marriages were: “A disgrace to the nation and to God.”
He also said that when he was a young man, he would have knocked down any homosexual person he met.
He later retracted his words and explained: “My remarks were made in the context of the traditional way of raising children … I said the communal upbringing of children in the past was able to assist parents to notice children with a different social orientation. I however did not intend to have this interpreted as a condemnation of gays and lesbians.”
He also said he respected: “The sterling contribution of many gay and lesbian compatriots in the struggle that brought about our freedom.”
Across the border Mugabe has condemned South Africa for their stance on gay rights, claiming that they should not be upheld as they are not human rights. He said: “Gays and lesbians are worse than pigs and dogs. We cannot allow our children to be worse than wild animals.”

Flood warnings issued as heavy rain expected

 Flood warnings issued as heavy rain expected
Parts of southern England and Wales could see flooding as heavy rain is expected to fall, forecasters warn.
The Met Office has issued a yellow warning, meaning be aware, for rain in south-west England and south Wales.
It said the public should be aware of the likelihood of localised flooding as rain falls on saturated ground.
The Environment Agency has more than 40 flood warnings in place, indicating flooding is expected, for southern and eastern England, and the Midlands.

Femi Falana’s Son Dumps Law For Music

A lot of people will be amazed to learn that Femi Falana’s son is in love with music.
Like his father, Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz TheBahdGuy is a trained lawyer who has now dumped the respected profession for his love for music.
FalzHis journey into music started from his secondary school days. He took it to another level in 2007, when he stung together a mix tape titled:’ Shakara’.
He has been identified as a great talent by music veterans like Eldee, Don Jazzy and M.I.He is known for his trademark witty punch lines, infusion of local dialects, and comedic lines which seem to stand him out.
With the release of his single ‘High Class’ produced by Studio Magic, Falz is gearing up for rap domination.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Zara Phillips gives birth: royal babies through the years

The best royal baby photos of all time

The best royal baby photos of all time
Prince William’s cousin Zara Phillips has given birth to a baby girl. Buckingham Palace confirmed that the baby, the 16th in line to the British throne, was born on 17 January.
A statement said the Queen was “delighted with the news” of her new great-granddaughter, who is six months younger than William’s son Prince George.

Karen Igho in the UK for cancer treatment

Karen Igho in the UK for cancer treatment
Karen Igho 
Karen Igho is reportedly in the UK for cancer treatment.
Bellanaija reports Karen tweeted, "Hi everyone.sorry you haven't heard much from me,I'm currently in the uk undergoing treatment.thank you all for your love and support.x"
The Big Brother Africa 2011 winner has been noticeably inactive on social media and from social events since she announced her illness.
According to reports, Karen hasn't revealed the type of cancer she has but is said to have confirmed that she's previously been treated for lumps in her breasts.
In December 2013, Karen shocked many when she announced her diagnosis on Twitter.
"I have cancer. Are you guys happy?????," she wrote.

Nollywood Actress, Susan Peters, Posts Pictures Of New Home & Brand New Car!

Nollywood Actress, Susan Peters, Posts Pictures Of New Home & Brand New Car!
The beautiful actress posted this picture online a few hours ago. Could this be her new home? You like? Enjoy your life, my sister! Another same-day picture of the actress in a brand new Hyundai ix35 SUV which she captioned "Everything new this year"


AY Apologizes To Jim Iyke For His Comedy Skit, Claims He's Not Classless

AY Apologizes To Jim Iyke For His Comedy Skit, Claims He's Not Classless 
I'm sure you guys still remember the gist very well, which Jim Iyke called comedian AY classless for a comedy skit on his deliverance saga...

Well, AY has finally replied but in a very matured way by apologizing to Jim Iyke instead of exchanging words.

Speaking to, AY
said “It was designed to be a joke, it’s
still a joke”, Makun said. “I’m a standup comedian and we make people laugh for a
living and comedians are social commentators”.

He apologized and claimed he's not classless...

“I’m sorry about it, it wasn’t designed to be
detrimental in any way but if you see it that way, bro., I got nothing but love for you…I’m not classless and I know you know that”, he said.


Yvonne Nelson Spotted On Casual Design PHOTOS

Yvonne Nelson Spotted On Casual Design PHOTOS
Yvonne Nelson is really rocking her casual
Designer, love it. Do u like?


Photo: Meet OJB's three wives

Photo: Meet OJB's three wives 
I'm sure you all know by now that ace music producer OJB has three wives. The first wife is Mabel Okungbowa aka Mama J who donated her kidney to him (pictured above OJB). The second wife is June (pictured left) who used to be a singer and shot a few videos back in the day as Ama, and the last is Korede (pictured right), who used to be a popular dancer and video model many years back.

OJB has 3 kids with Mama J, 3 with Ama and 2 with Korede..and they all live happily. The pic above was taken at the airport last year on the day OJB left Lagos for his kidney transplant in India.

Meanwhile, he's reportedly working on a book titled 'The Celebrated Beggar’ which will 'capture his experience as a producer, musician up to the travails of his kidney ailment’.  

Photo: Lovers Found Lying In A Public Field After S**x Romp

Photo: Lovers Found Lying In A Public Field After S**x Romp
They were found lying down sleeping in an open field after a very loud s*x romp was heard in their apartment, only for them to be found lying down fast asleep in an open field.


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Latest MTN ETISALAT AIRTEL GLO January Freebrowsing Cheat

Latest MTN ETISALAT AIRTEL GLO January Freebrowsing Cheat 
Do you want to enjoy stress free browsing on your Mobile Phone, Laptop or Pc? then this gift is for you.
Some of my blog readers are complaining bitterly about airtel BB freebrowsing tricks that it no longer works, but i must tell you it still rocks.
Etisalat Unlimited: Follow the following steps to enjoy the stress free browsing tricks.
1. Recharge your etisalat sim with #1000,
2. Subscribe to etisalat BB monthly data (*499 *3#)
3.Change your apn to:
4.Recharge your etisalat sim with #100.
5. Subscribe to daily plan (*229*3*1#)
Having done that,insert your sim in ur modem or ur phones to enjoy a stress free browsing experience. 

PHOTO: Flavour Shows Us What He Means By "Ukwu Sarambala

PHOTO: Flavour Shows Us What He Means By "Ukwu Sarambala

Ada crooner Flavour has shown us what he meant by Ukwu Sarambara and it is bigger that we expected.
We all know Flavour likes his women big but this big is great, he shared this pisture below and said ''Ukwu Sarambara''

CELEB: Former Glo ambassador actor Mike Ezurunoye signed by Airtel NG


Months after ending his endorsement deal with telecoms giant Globacom, actor Mike Ezuronye has moved to another telecoms giant, Airtel. He's just been featured in Airtel's new thematic campaign 'Come Alive'. Mike pictured above at the unveiling of the 'Come Alive' TVC in Lagos on Wednesday January 8th. Big Congrants.

PHOTO: Maheedah won’t stop sharing her x rated pictures

Recently we shared "Maheeda Finally Reveals Why She Loves To Get Naked" today we want to share a new vibe "Maheedah won’t stop sharing her x rated pictures, this one will shock you" lmao 
Maheeda, Naija, naija gist, nigerian entertainment blog, naija gist,

Is this video a Music Video or another video entirely? Anybody with a genuine answer...

Hmmm... I wonder what these guys will be thinking during the video shoot ooo!! Make God help save them.

See more photos after the cut...

I want to see your comment guys.................