Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Thief And The Madman Funny Joke

I believe this one will do something for you before you go to bed lol*

A thief broke into a mad man's house and stole his Tv. He took
off and started running, the mad
man also ran after him. The faster
he ran, the faster the mad man
also ran after him.

Finally the thief
got tired and stopped, the mad
man also stopped.
Panting, the mad man told the thief
"Take the remote, you forgot it"

9ja Funny Joke: Bros Basket Mouth And His Pastor

Seriously come to think of it base on tradition there are some prayers we reject when we are expecting things the other way.. Imagine this.

My Bros Basket Mouth AKA BM went and do HIV Test last week saturday, the doctor ask him to come back the following Monday for His result, .a day before the result was out that should Sunday in church service, the pastor prophesies that "all what One are expecting will be positive in Jesus name!!! Pastor radonly use that as a prayer tag, Meh I tell it get to a stage my Bros BM angrily jump from where he was seating at the back (base on say na area boy so na back fit am )chair, and he confront the Pastor.

"My own will be negative in Jesus name, Amen!"
Pastor was surprise at BM reqyest and he asked my bros why he's asking God to grant him his heart desire negatively, :) instead, my BM to answer his pastor, meh my Bros ask his pastor back....

"If you are expecting HIV result tomorrow, what will be your prayer point?.... lwkmd.
Good night readers :)

Photo Updates: Aki and Paw Paw, Bracket AndP-Square, In Private Jet

Photo Updates: Aki and Paw Paw, Bracket AndP-Square, In Private Jet