Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Husband and Wife Joke

I want to sleep oh but anyway if you never want to sleep take this to jolificate the night
The Joke goes like this.
Husband and wife agreed that anytime they want to have s----x,
They will call it "PHONE CALL" so that the kid will not decode, hehe you know how baba God dey do him tin.
So one day
Husband: Akpos go tell your mama say i want to make phone call
Wife: Akpos tell your dad, Network is very busy
Husband: Tell your mum that if Network is busy at home, i will go to public Phone Boot
Wife: Tell your dad that if he dares, i will open Business centre.

Ogus: hehehehehehe i can't laugh abeg Good night

Man Nearly Dies Trying to Mail Himself to Girlfriend

Some birthday gift ideas are better than others -- and some are just unbelievably stupid. Take the case of a guy named Hu Seng, from southern China. Heng thought it would be fabulous to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday by mailing himself to her in a sealed box.
Unfortunately, the box got lost in transit for three hours, and when Seng's girl opened it in front of friends, she found him passed out and near death from lack of oxygen, the Sun reports.

Mercifully, paramedics were able to revive Seng, who said the cardboard had been "too thick" for an air hole.
Now,come to think of it base on tradition how did you see this? just because you what to surprise your girlfriend you want to.

Lady Gaga's charity launches youth board

Lady Gaga's charity has launched a Youth Advisory Board.

The Born This Way Foundation - which aims to empower young people and give them more opportunities - invited 24 young people aged between 17 and 23 to Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles for a three-day summit to discuss how to create a "kinder, braver" world through the organisation.

Gaga's mother, Cynthia Germanotta - the foundation's president - said: "The goal of the youth advisory board is to reflect and magnify the strength, determination, creativity, and capacity of our youth, and to have them provide insight on the issues that are most important to them.
Thats cool..

Photo: Must Laugh

Seriously i don't what to laugh today but i can't just pass a minutes without laugh you know what that means?.

Flowsick Joins Headies Next Rated Nominees As Chuddy K Is Dropped

With the release of the 2012 Hip Hop World Awards nomination list, the award organizers have announced the removal of fast-rising crooner, Chuddy K from the Next Rated category. According to the judges, the reason for the removal is due to the fact that Chuddy K had previously released an album in 2010 titled “I Am Me” which contradicts the grounds of nomination in that category as nominees must be unreleased artistes at the time of nomination. In line with this, upcoming rapper Flowsick has replaced Chuddy K and will jostle for the award with fellow nominees Davido, Eva and Praiz. Meanwhile Chuddy K still has nominations in the ‘Song of the Year’, ‘Best pop single’ and ‘Best street Hop’ categories. 

Photo: Those Days Fight

Na Wa Oh Tell me if you didn't do such back then