Monday, 17 December 2012

Only A Car Can Solve My Problem-a Young Man

I saw and heard and experienced what i had never experience in life today, just in front of my office a young man was standing beside the road side opposite my office, He had been there for the past 4hours and no body movement.
Well i was like is this guy normal? So i got moved to as a lady that was there unfortunately the lady know much about him, and the only problem i got there was * the lady don't his name*
The lady said,
 The young had lost his sense since his car was been snatched from him @ Benin express way, and all the places he had been taken to he always say Car is my problem if i can get a car I will be okay, says the Young man.

Waje don covers december issue of TW magazine

  Nigeria popular singer Waje don covers december issue of TW magazine o e good for her o abi weytin you think?