Friday, 7 December 2012

Laffing Mata Weekend With Ogus Baba - Funny

How are you guys today, is been a while now, hope you guys had been having some real huge fun from
my updates, well, I thank yous for the comments on on my previous quack write up.

But today lets have some fun cos' its whole lots different thing,
I want you guys to know something about me.. I am not that educated ooo :P that is why i keep on using
One English, what i want is don't get upset wit my English LWKMD.

I keep on telling people that we Nigerians are great o! even our president confirmed it. Imagine,
Twenty Four hours After United States concluded the Presidential election. The winner Mr Barack Obama is celebrating his victory.
The Nigerian President has just arrived, the United state with his entourage to congratulate him.
"This is really a surprise" said Obama to the Nigerian President"American are advanced, they know the results immediately after the election"

Nigerian President: We Nigerians are more advanced, we always know the result even before the election". LWKMD

We Nigerian's are too good abeg, shu! wen foriegn people dey use LMAO, WAS, LOL and lots more we Nigerian's we dey follow em dey happy say dem do big thing, of which we can do beta than dem, why not check out this list?

 BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit.
 LWKM - Laugh wan kill me
 LWKMD - Laugh wan kill me die
 MIDG - make i dey go
 WGYL - we go yarn later
 IGA - I gbadun am
 ICS - I can't shout
 DJM - Don't jealous me
 WBDM - Who born d maga
 UDC - U de craze
 NUS - Na u sabi
 WSU - who send u
 OSABZ - over sabi
 ITK - I too know
 WDH - wetin dey happen
 NDH - nutin dey happen
 FMJ - free me jo
 BBP - bad bele people
 HUD - how u dey
 WKP - waka pass
 BBG - baby girl
 KKL - Kokolette
 MML - mamalette
 GFF- Gbono fe le fe le (e.g., she GFF)
 NTT - Na true talk
 IKU - It koncain u?
 NDM - no dull me
 LGT - let's goo there
 IFSA - I for slap am
 IGDO - I go die o
 YB - Yess boss
 NLT - No long thing
 2GB - 2 gbaski (e.g., the song 2GB!)
 CWJ - carry waka jorh
 WBYO - wetin be your own
 U2D - U 2 do
 U2DV - U 2 dey vex
 MKG - maka gini?
 WSDP - who send dem papa
 INS - i no send
 INFS - i no fit shout
 WWY - who wan yarn
 NBST - no be small thing
 NWO - na wah oooooo
 NMA - no mind am
 MIHW - make i hear word
 NBL - no be lie
 NB? - na beans?
 WD - wetin dey
 UNGKM - u no go kill me
 O2S - omo 2 sexy

OW2G jor- Omo we 2 gud, cnt you see it? we are not lacking anything, we go show em say we non dey laff for 9ja since our Press don first show am out for USA so abi wetin una tink na.?
After all na Joke i dey, if u like carry am for head, afterall i don talk my own.
I still remain Ogus Baba NDM- Notin Do Me.
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heheh i cant laff abeg i found this on the internet hope you will like it..
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