Sunday, 23 September 2012

Funny Video: Funke Akindele And Comedian AY

Seriously i keep telling people this, AY is one of my best i keep loving this man, despite the fact i get scare of his Big Eyes, but i think that will be an obstacle na0, watch this video is very Funny Video, cool and also share your thoughts

Funny Videos: AY And Majid Fight Over Genevieve/Nadia

AY abeg non kill am ooo na Oyibo him be ooo i just know say as Majid see AY big eye only eh guest what? Majid get scared. Watch it and tell me what you think about the Concept

Fact You Need To Know About Arsenal And All- Joke

*If 2face advertise contraceptives, no buy am, na fake.
*If Akala sells bleaching cream, abeg rush am, na Original.
*If Dame Jonathandey teach English Language, abeg comot your child from that school, it is highly dangerous.
*If Arsenal see an open net chance, don't panic bcos na Van Persie.
*If armed robbers visit Emirate Stadium, they won't go to the trophy room becoz no recent trophies.

The Madman And The Pilot:Funny Jokes - Laugh Goes One

A plane was transporting a bunch of madmen from Nigeria to a well-facilited psychiatric centre in South Africa and the loud group would not stop making noise. One of the madmen entered the pilot's cabin:
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Funny Today-Do You Believe This?

Funny Today-Do You Believe This?