Monday, 30 July 2012

Akpos And His Ester Chicken - Funny

Good day Ladies and gentle men hahah neva laugh o so as e dey na Ogus Baba open monring laffing Tinz be dis one,
E get one dey like dis so, my friend Akpos dey carry him chicken go lagos for ester tinz so as the guy don enter Oshidi so na E the Chicken com mistakely Fly comot from him hand, the chicken com dey find him way,
and my guy Akpos pose they look the fowl dey laff,


"Apkos no be your chicken dey run go so?"


Make Una Leave am na where him know for Lagos? No be me dey carry come from warri come lagos come do ester? heheh,
 Akpos don craze i swear shu..d chicken wen you dey carry go do ester fly comot from your hand you say make dem leave am say na where him know for lagos?.

Basket Mouth Dey Eye My Babe

heheh but come to think of it, base on tradition babeylon guagua this boy wowo oo (Basket Mouth) lols wowo so te only him self talk am say him be like monkey, lolz dem born person finish only name himself say na monkey him be how u see that kind tin na?.

I wonder the kind girl wen go fit date am oo shu, if you see am finish you don see monkey no difference.. come na joke o non too laugh o na true na. Base on tradition so, i personally took this photo above myself wen we he was performing, Actual we where both invited to perform dat day.

Do you know why i took this photo? No one knows, e just be like say na Baba God open my eye take see am dat time wen everybody dey busy dey laff me stand finish say i go see the film trick wen him go use.. i tell you so eh as the guy dey busy dey crack jokes for stage so, his second eye dey one corner dey target one bad babe wen me talk say wen reach my time to perform i go use sense take call d girl use am do one kind example after dat one she go be my friend and i non say this wowo boy dey eye am.. him think say i non go see am..Brother i catch you dat day oo lolz :P

Na joke o!

Abeg na joke o nothing eles o make una non go back go talk another one oo one love..

Fine Boy Guess Who?

Lolz i can't laugh o this guy na fine boy oo.. Guess who?

Oleh Town Robbery Incidents

I don't know when Oleh a small town in Delta State in Isoko South local Government Area, become USA,and other big city, it has come to all ears that almost everyday robbery incident take place there.
Even in town Campus  ( Delsu Campus ) in Oleh Town a 500Level Student were killed hmm so sad you know?.
This has comes up the 5th time now in the Town and it really motivate me to write this..
My question are the Students and any individual out there save?