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Top 5 Famous Jewish Comedians

Jewish American comedians: This is top 5 collective of famous American Jewish comedians. These famous Jewish American comedians have been entertaining generation of people with their jokes and hilarity.
I Love them!!

Adam Sandler

Brooklyn,United States of America,New York City
United States of America

Al Franken

New York City,United States of America,New York
United States of America

Al Jolson

United States of America

Al Shean

Dornum,Lower Saxony,Germany
Alan King


Motor Accident In Oleh Delta State - Prayers

Prayers oh!

Oh My God on this hot sun son of a man is gone i am crying an accident just took place now in Oleh my Town, Opposite Yanga market Oleh Isoko South L.G.A in Delta State.. Two Okada Men hit.. Who might be faulty is not the matter now, lets save life first,
Hmm i wonder what will happen to the second victim one is gone already please all we need your prayers..

This Are Some Photos Of The Accident

I would have take the Photo of the dead man but i was told is not right to take a photo of a dead man 
please this people really need your prayers..

Joke Of the Day By Patience

Joke Of The Day

A little boy named Junior was playing amongs his pears & unknown to him,he lost his 10naira note given to him by his uncle,hence,he couldn't find it.He started crying,the uncle who was still around asked what the matter was,Junior stil crying,told his uncle dat he had misplaced that money he gave him.The kind uncle sympatised with him & gave him another 10naira so that he would stop crying.Now Junior's voice was louder than ever,continue crying,the uncle & people around almost at the same time asked,why are you still crying? The boy said Oh! "It would have been 20naira now"

Joke By:

Patience Obiodeh

My Best Eddie Murphy Joke

Gus, what the f–– is wrong along with your wife? Why cannot she walk a flight of steps? You come back over each motherf––ing year, Gus, and you burn down my motherf––ing back yard, and your wife rips down the steps. Why?! I work effortlessly to induce my place lovely. And then the motherf––er comes over and rip the steps down. scrutinize the motherf––ing steps, they are f––ed up, Gus. Why cannot she walk the steps? you recognize why she cannot walk the steps? Cause she's a fat, hairy b––h. That's why. That's why, Gus.

Kids Scare

And my kids are scared of your wife. Eddie's scared of her. He has nightmares regarding you wife. I went in his area last week, Gus, he was within the bed screaming, crying, "Oh, help me, facilitate me!" I woke him, I shook him, said, "what's wrong?" He said, "Aunt Bunny is returning to induce me." he is scared of your wife, cause she encompasses a larger moustache than his father.

Omg Hehehe

But you recognize what it's, Gus? I figured it out regarding your wife. i am gonna say it. And my wife, i do not provides a f–– regarding my wife, she will shut the f–– up. i am gonna tell you one thing. I worked out regarding your wife. i do know where you met your wife. You told me you met your wife fifteen years ago on a motherf––ing camping trip? which your wife was Puerto Rican? Your wife ain't no motherf––ing Puerto Rican! i believed she was after I initial met her, Gus. Cause I walk up, I say "Hello, it's smart to fulfill you. My name is Vernon." She says, "Hello, I'm Bunny. Goonie googoo."

Goonie Googoo

What the f–– will "goonie googoo" mean, Gus? i do not apprehend what the f–– that s–– is to the present day. i believed i might learned some new Spanish s––. I went up to my friend, I said, "Hey Sanchez! Goonie googoo!" And Sanchez says, "Get the f–– outta here." thus I been walking around for years confused. and that i finally figured it out regarding your wife, where you met your wife. You did not meet your wife on no motherf––ing camping trip. Your wife's a Bigfoot, isn't she, Gus? Your wife could be a Bigfoot, is not she? that is why the b––h's moustache is thus motherf––in' thick... 'cause you shaved the b––h down and taught her to talk. i do know a motherf––in' Bigfoot after I see one! Don't bring a Bigfoot in my home, Gus! With my children? The b––h cannot speak. She cannot walk a flight of steps! She's not trained well, Gus! She cannot walk steps! i will bet she climbs the f–– outta trees, though, don't she, Gus? does not she? does not she?! But you bought to not bring her around here. F–– her! And your motherf––in' children? they are Bigfeet, too. they are half-Bigfoot, Gus, 'cause the motherf––ers is vi years recent and have afros seventeen inches long. they are very little furry motherf––ers, similar to their mother. scrutinize the motherf––ers! You know how I acknowledged they was Bigfoot? after I realized your wife was a Bigfoot after I took your youngsters fishing last week. I place the motherf––ers within the boat, Gus, and that i took the worm and that i place it on the hooks. and that they each sat there, and that they place their poles down within the motherf––in' boat, and slammed their faces within the water for two minutes! and that i assume, "What the f–– are these youngsters doin'?" Then they begin moving their heads like this [shakes his head] and also the motherf––ers come back up with fish! I jumped back and said, "Can you suspect this motherf––in' s––? Then the child took the fish out his mouth and checked out his brother and said, "Goonie googoo."

Murhpy Speaks

What the f–– goes on here? traditional youngsters do not do s–– like that, Gus. however i am gonna tell you one thing, motherf––er. you'll take your motherf––in' furry fat-ass wife moustache b–– out the f––. you'll go upstairs and acquire the motherf––in' dog and scoop up the s–– and take Eddie and acquire these motherf––in' long Angela Davis afro-wearin' motherf––in' youngsters of yours and place them within the motherf––ing Goonie-Googoo-Mobile and acquire the f–– out! And if my wife do not like it, she will get the f–– out, too! [Eddie's mom throws her shoe] You missed me, b––h!

I laugh all time read through this joke

Monday, 30 July 2012

Akpos And His Ester Chicken - Funny

Good day Ladies and gentle men hahah neva laugh o so as e dey na Ogus Baba open monring laffing Tinz be dis one,
E get one dey like dis so, my friend Akpos dey carry him chicken go lagos for ester tinz so as the guy don enter Oshidi so na E the Chicken com mistakely Fly comot from him hand, the chicken com dey find him way,
and my guy Akpos pose they look the fowl dey laff,


"Apkos no be your chicken dey run go so?"


Make Una Leave am na where him know for Lagos? No be me dey carry come from warri come lagos come do ester? heheh,
 Akpos don craze i swear shu..d chicken wen you dey carry go do ester fly comot from your hand you say make dem leave am say na where him know for lagos?.

Basket Mouth Dey Eye My Babe

heheh but come to think of it, base on tradition babeylon guagua this boy wowo oo (Basket Mouth) lols wowo so te only him self talk am say him be like monkey, lolz dem born person finish only name himself say na monkey him be how u see that kind tin na?.

I wonder the kind girl wen go fit date am oo shu, if you see am finish you don see monkey no difference.. come na joke o non too laugh o na true na. Base on tradition so, i personally took this photo above myself wen we he was performing, Actual we where both invited to perform dat day.

Do you know why i took this photo? No one knows, e just be like say na Baba God open my eye take see am dat time wen everybody dey busy dey laff me stand finish say i go see the film trick wen him go use.. i tell you so eh as the guy dey busy dey crack jokes for stage so, his second eye dey one corner dey target one bad babe wen me talk say wen reach my time to perform i go use sense take call d girl use am do one kind example after dat one she go be my friend and i non say this wowo boy dey eye am.. him think say i non go see am..Brother i catch you dat day oo lolz :P

Na joke o!

Abeg na joke o nothing eles o make una non go back go talk another one oo one love..

Fine Boy Guess Who?

Lolz i can't laugh o this guy na fine boy oo.. Guess who?

Oleh Town Robbery Incidents

I don't know when Oleh a small town in Delta State in Isoko South local Government Area, become USA,and other big city, it has come to all ears that almost everyday robbery incident take place there.
Even in town Campus  ( Delsu Campus ) in Oleh Town a 500Level Student were killed hmm so sad you know?.
This has comes up the 5th time now in the Town and it really motivate me to write this..
My question are the Students and any individual out there save?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Funny Photos - LoLz

Hehe!! Big Boy Eddy Murphy Noni

who is the id***ot ooo!! funny tinz

London Olympic Game Kick Off - Updates Vollmer Fastest in women’s 100m butterfly

Dana Vollmer of the us set the fastest qualifying time within the heats of the women’s one hundred metres butterfly on the gap day of the Olympic swimming competition on Saturday.

The reigning world champion broke Inge de Bruijn’s 12-year-old Olympic record of fifty six.61 when she sailed through her heat in fifty six.25 seconds, nearly a second prior to her nearest rival, China’s Lu Ying (57.17).

Australia’s Alicia Coutts was third overall whereas Swedish world record holder Sarah Sjostrom qualified fourth fastest in fifty seven.45.

“I am extremely pleased with how briskly it had been, and that i feel love it is just about to get faster,” said Vollmer.

“I am about to keep performing on what I actually have been performing on, having a tighter rhythm, hitting my walls… simply ensuring I do all those additional things.”

The top sixteen qualified for Saturday night’s semi-finals, with the fastest eight from the semis advancing to Sunday’s final.

Australia’s Jessicah Schipper, a bronze medallist within the event in Beijing four years ago, ignored when finishing twenty fourth overall, whereas Poland’s Otylia Jedrzejczak, the 2004 Olympic champion over 200m, was 25th
Photo Updates