Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bras Exporter - Comedy

Meh this is business. Person wey say ma water no go boil, they no go sell stove 4 their
area. I Just came back from Kotonu as an importer, exporter and general merchandise of bras. I get size A to Z. Even if na d bra wey I fit wear, e dey. Guys, no b only wen u giv ur babe
car key, them go know say u luv her. Buy dis bra for her meaning u did a fantastic discovery
during your last session with her. Home delivery dey just 2 show u dat me business dey serious.

Lolz i can't laugh jare na wetin..

Top 7 Wowo Nigeria Comedian's List

Good day Ladies and Gentle men, How you today (una don chop today?) like this so eh forget talk give yoyo  platain, Base on tradition, come to think of think, seriously on a serious note American Comedian are better off than Nigerian Comedians.

Ogus Baba

Why i talk like that? seriously if you see all this American comedian suit up you go like them but make Nigerian Comedian suit up heaven and earth you non go see different, neva laugh o i non go too talk today because dem say na people wen get Big head and mouth dey talk people like my Brother Comedian AKA Basket Mouth, No try am oo that guy fit talk from today till next generation.

Ask Basket Mouth

Ogus Baba :- Basket Mouth
Basket Mouth :- Eh!
Ogus Baba :- Shey dat tin wen i talk for up so na lie?
Basket Mouth:- For where who talk am say na lie? No be Lie oo I fit talk from today eh mstcheeew fit reach another world wen baba God go create..
Ogus Baba :- Hey stop it simple question Yes or No you won start put your own.

Ogus Baba Continue

So as we dey talk before that urgly boy interrupted. Come to think of it all american comedian fine pass all Nigerian Comedian both female and male.. I Thank God say i non go talk too much as i have Photo backups for my talk. what i am trying to say which American Comedian you won use compare with Basket Mouth/ As Basket mouth non dey make me rest of his Handsomeness and for my mind i dey laff am say him wen be like monkey, Me sef wen mange handsome small neva boast say i handsome him wen be like monkey na him come dey make noise.

Compare List

I what you to do me a favour a compare this photos. lolz..
See as they wowo take Gud at Them what do you think?
Are Dey Not Urgly?

By Far this is the most ugless person i have ever seen in this world no qualifications for him everything animals and humans know him as father of big eye.
Imagine, One day like dis wen dem dey give news for Silver Bird Television (STV) Na e dem mention one program Say na A.Y Show hmm na my pet dey gist me so o as i come na i ask my pet say wetin dem just talk for STV now.,
My Pet :- Dem Say weda na one program dey do do say na A.Y Show na dem show one one guy with Big Eye Say na Him get d show
Ogus Baba :- Big Eye? I just knw say na dat wowo boy A.Y dem talk so.. 
Come to think of it this guy fit scare person fo night with this his big eye oo.
Preference Of Wowo

Introduction To Wowo
Basket Mouth
Monkey o, I non know why dis guy dey appear for everything on my lsit,
Monkies :- Leave am o! na our father be dat o we call am Father of Monkies in Monkey Kingdom
Ogus Baba :- Abeg make una vex, him belong sef no difference among una selves carry am go.
Monkies  :- Thank God Say u Know

I Go Die
OMG! why you create dis kind people for this earth na dem non belong jor shu person go wowo so te fowl sef feel am imagine one day wen my guy dey buzz for street as him dey waka dey go so him non know say Fowls sef know say this guy wowo and dey start monking the guy o
Fowls:- See am, wen him wowo finish so who follow am dey waka so if na like dem Eddie murphy now we go dey run follow dey but God catch you ..
I Go Die :- No be una fault i non blame una na Baba God  wen put me for dis condition
Fowls :- Lolz so him even get mouth to dey talk self. wowo boy.

I go die
 Basic Of Wowo

Gordon's is the most urgly Human being i have ever seen... Make him non deceive una o if i tell you say Gordons wowo for everyting Him voice be like Goat own na e make am dey do like goat at times so no be him fault because na everytime him dey complain give baba God..
Servant Of Wowo

Seyi Law
This Guy is Cute to Wowoness hehe i like dis guy so te only call me for fone say Ogus Baba i say Eh I non be like others wen non fine but dem dey form say dem fine... Som times sef if i look mirror e go be like say make i vex break the mirror... Abeg I non fine jor
Chief Wowo

Omo Baba
See war b4 i won forget King of wowo A.K.A Omo Baba. This guy wowo so te wen baba God dey create am.. Lolz Guess What? Baba God Tire for him Creation lolz dis guy over wowo.. I present To you The King Of  Wowo
King Of Wowo

Ogus Baba
Na me fine pass self.. check me out.
Handsome Guy

Open Joke Of The Day

Make Laugh Small before the days Anointing, Base on tradition come to think of, if na you wetin you go do? A Pastor was preaching in a Church and he said "I am a child of God and if a child of God die he or she will go to Heaven" Unfortunately a man with an AK47 ran into the Church and pointed the gun at the congregation saying who is a child of God here Let me send him to Heaven?.
The congregation kept silent he then fired a shot at the roof.
Congregation:- "it's the Pastor! He always says that he is a child of God".
Pastor:- What type of conspiracy is this?, Everyone here knows that am the son of Okechukwu and the grandson of Okeke, so what is my business with God, 'abeg if na play make una stop am!... Lmao..

Joke Of The Day - Nigerians Conversation

Only Nigerians Can Have A Full Conversation With Just Questions!

DELE: my guy, how far?
EMEKA: wetin dey hapen?
DELE: why you just dey call me now?
EMEKA: you buy me credit?
DELE: dis one wey u call so, u wan show?
EMEKA:where you dey?
DELE: you sabi pius' place? EMEKA: make we block there?
DELE: u wan make we block for another place?
 EMEKA: you get doh?
DELE: wetin u wan take money do?
EMEKA: we no suppose to drink?
DELE: na me born you?
EMEKA: no be you be my chairman?
 DELE: abi cr*ze dey log onto u? Na my doh u go use maintain?
EMEKA: before nko?
DELE: u serious, abi u dey play?
EMEKA: bros,wetin u think?
DELE:so u know really hold change eh? And u wan drink? U no dey shame?
EMEKA:bros, which ones na? Na change for beer dey cause diz kind yarn?
DELE:before nko?.

Funny Photo Of The Day

Apkos How Far Shey Mama Don Cook For House?

2012/2013 NDU 1st & 2nd List of Admitted students has been uploaded.

This is to notify, that the 2012/2013 NDU 1st and 2nd List of Admitted students has fully been released. To check your Admission Status kindly logon to the school online portal website.
Goto :
You only need your Jamb Reg No. and you are good to go..
logon to the school official site and check yours now..

Good luck
As Ogus Baba wishes you best of luck and don't hesitate to come and tell us your wonderful news.

Samuel Adeboyega University Vice Chancellor, Professor Adedoyin Died At 60

University- Vice Chancellor of Samuel Adegboyega University, which is located in Ogwa, Edo State Nigeria, is Dead.

The educational institution Authority of SAU regret to announce the death of her Foundation Vice-Chancellor, Professor Samson Folawunmi Adedoyin, aged 60.
Professor Samson died on Monday 20th, August 2012.
Professor Adedoyin, a renowned Professor of Agriculture Extension, was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the private University, owned by the Apostolic Church, LAWNA Territory, Nigeria, in June 2011.

Professor Adedoyin was at various times the Provost of the College of Agriculture of Osun State University, Osogbo and also of Olabisi Onabanjo University, located in Ago-Iwoye.
The Burial arrangements of the great professor will soon be announced later.
May his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Adeleke Adeboye.
Samuel Adeboyega University Registrar.