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BABY BORN WITH ROSARY: I Tried Many Times To Abort The Baby — Mother

BABY BORN WITH ROSARY: I Tried Many Times To Abort The Baby — Mother
The baby girl said to be born with a rosary around her neck in Bida, Niger State, on Saturday would not have been born at all as the mother had made several attempts to abort the pregnancy.

28-year-old mother Khadijat Isa said she had tried to abort the pregnancy because she had been having a frosty relationship with her husband for sometime, such that they were even no longer living together. She said she did not take the herbs that would abort the pregnancy because of wickedness but due to her poor financial condition, explaining that as a fashion designer, she was not making enough to cater for her three children as she already has two from the same husband.

“I took medicine and injection in the first month of the pregnancy because I didn’t want the pregnancy but the pregnancy refused to be terminated,” she said. She added that after several attempts to get rid of the pregnancy did not succeed, she resigned to fate and prepared to deliver it. Khadijat said throughout the period of the pregnancy, she did not even once visited hospital for ante-natal care.

She said even when labour finally began, she did not make attempt to go to hospital, instead some elderly women from her compound took her to the house of the retired nurse to deliver. She said: “I did not go for any ante-natal even when labour started. I was only taken to the nurse’s house by the people from my compound after noticing that I was going though pains.

“I don’t have money with me; there was no way that I could go to hospital. You know whenever you go to any hospital, it is the issue of money which I don’t have,” she added. Khadijat also said that the birth of the baby last Saturday was quite different her experience in the delivery of her two other children each of which saw her losing blood from the very beginning to the end of the labour.

“The case of the baby I delivered three days ago is quite different as it was free of blood,” she said. She said another miracle associated with her recent delivery is not only that it was bloodless but that the entire process did not last up to 30 minutes which contrasted to what she went through in her previous deliveries where she had to go through a period of pain that lasted for hours. Khadijat said for the eight years she was married to her husband they had been living peacefully until recently, before the pregnancy.

She said also surprisingly, since the delivery her husband comes regularly to see the new baby and even attend to some of their needs. “The birth of the miracle girl will be source of reconciliation between us,” she enthused. Aha! You can see him, he just came in. He has been coming regularly to see us. That is why I said the baby will be a source of reconciliation.”

On how the baby was delivered, said she could not explained much because she was only told by the nurse that handled the delivery that the baby came out with a rosary, adding that on hearing that the baby was delivered with the prayer beads, she was overwhelmed with happiness, telling herself that the child must have come with full blessing directly from the Almighty.

You can how people are trooping into this house, so it has been since yesterday when the child was delivered. You can see we went to bed as late 1am last now because people were just coming and out,” she said. The father of the new born baby, Bissalla Zubairu said there was no problem between him and his wife, saying they just had a little misunderstanding which they were about settling when she delivered.

Zubairu said he was shocked when he was told that his wife had given birth to a baby girl with a rosary on her neck, adding that up to the time he was talking with this reporter, he had not recovered from the shock. He said after the delivery they only took the baby to the Estu Nupe’s palace where the baby received royal blessing by his Royal Highness Yahaya Abubakar.

Shasha Abubakar, the retired nurse that handled the delivery of the miracle baby said that: “Seven women came into my house around midnight one among them was pregnant, and was complaining of abdominal an waist pain. He added that on examining her, he discovered that it was a sign of labour.

“In less than 30 minutes the labour began in earnest, and it was when we were about to deliver the baby that a rosary first came out and dropped on the floor. “I took the chasbaha, left the foetus behind and showed the people that she came with this. They then started kalmatul Shahada, ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar’.

“The baby came out clean and no blood. I asked her people to bring clothes for the child and before they would do that the Chasbaha which was black at first, turned to white”. Abubakar said the delivery of the child was normal without any hinderance and that it was one of the faster deliveries he has conducted in his 36 years of service.

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