Monday, 8 July 2013

Herbalist Caught Making Killer Charms Arrested By Police & Beaten To Pulp By Mob (Photo)

 Herbalist Caught Making Killer Charms Arrested By Police & Beaten To Pulp By Mob (Photo)
A popular native doctor in Odukpani area of Cross River state is cooling off in police detention after he was arrested by the police for allegedly planning to kill a client.
Before his arrest, Ndem Asuquo who is popular for making killer charms for clients in the state was beaten to pulp by angry mobs.

Some youths in the area caught up with the herbalist while preparing a charm to kill the town’s youth leader, Bassey Nyong who is one of his clients.

The herbalist was allegedly caught sneaking into the incumbent youth leader’s compound at about mid-day, when the people had gone to work, carrying a powdery substance, spraying it around, and even making incantations in low tone.

When those trailing him asked him what his mission in the compound was, he claimed he was there to say hello to the youth leader. However, when he was asked to explain what the powdery substance in his possession was meant for, he could not offer any explanation.

As the youths pounced on him, Bassey who had followed the crowd into the compound fled into a nearby bush. The herbalist afterwards confessed, explaining the circumstances surrounding his mission in the youth leader’s house.

He was later handed over to the police. 

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