Monday, 19 August 2013

Melvin Invites Beverly Osu To Share His Bed

Melvin Invites Beverly Osu To Share His Bed 
The love tempo in the Big Brother Africa house is bound to change drastically, observed, as Beverly Osu's in-house lover, Angelo, has been evicted from the reality show.

Angelo's eviction happened on Sunday and Beverly cried out her eyes. While she was sobbing, Melvin who is Naija's second representatives but always quiet in the BBA house, went to Beverly Osu's bed to console her and gave her a sweet message. Below is what he told her:

"You still have me. You will be fine. I will still be here for you. My bed is the biggest in the House. You can share it with me."

Since Angelo will be going back to South Africa to be with his real girlfriend, do not be surprise if tomorrow you see Beverly in the hands of this cute guy, Melvin. It seems she really need a man 

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