Thursday, 22 August 2013

News-Anchor’s Daughter Interrupts Live Broadcast

News-Anchor’s Daughter Interrupts Live Broadcast 
Lena Alwash, a news anchor on Moroccan Medi1 TV, was interrupted during a live broadcast when her daughter decided to drop in and return a cell phone.
What a funny scene...!

A Moroccan newscaster was on a live broadcast on the Medi 1 television channel recently when her daughter appeared on the screen, tapped her on the shoulder and tried to hand her a smart phone.

A professional, Lena Alwash managed to maintain composure, responding with only a faintly raised eyebrow and a shake of the head before continuing as if nothing happened.
Footage of the broadcast showed the little daughter backing away upon the realization of the fact that her mum was on air.

As a mass communicator myself, couldn't help giggling when i watched the video


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