Monday, 5 August 2013

Oneal Evicted From Big Brother Africa

Oneal Evicted From Big Brother Africa
Evicted from the house!
This week, only one housemate has been booted out of the show and poor Oneal happens to be the unlucky one. The club DJ was up for the second time and managed to survive in week 4 of the Chase, however today, lady luck didn’t shine on him.

Oneal who has had a great Chase was also HOH in week 7 and has also been a very active housemate as regards the tasks, he’s without a doubt a multi-talented fellow and he’ll definitely make it up there.
Unfortunately, he was separated from his lady love Feza who was lucky enough to survive today as well as Ethiopia’s Bimp. But on a lighter note, Feza‘s game continues and she said that her game would go on even if her boo is Evicted.
Upon his Eviction, he handled it well and bade farewell to his fellow housemates, Feza seemed to have mixed feelings as she was a bit sad having lost her man to the Eviction but at the same time, she had just been saved thus felt relieved.
Meanwhile, the Chase now has 8 Chasemates with three weeks to go and the next coming two weeks will see at least a housemate Evicted each week, meaning that we are most probably going to have 6 housemates at the finale.
All the best to Oneal, he may be out but walked out gracefully and represented Botswana well!

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