Friday, 9 August 2013

The World’s Richest Family From Purple Ribbon Entertainment


In the illusive world of a pauper, his sick poverty-stricken state transports him to the illusive posh world of the very wealthy, where he transforms to “The world’s richest man” in which he marries 3 wives and 4 legal children from 2 of the wives, with the exception of the 1st wife who after the man’s death, controls and orchestrates to possess a major part of the man’s wealth, even planting a girl and a guy to mate and produce a child in her name!

Things get ugly when one of her co-wives discovers about the secret girl, but it gets uglier when the man’s concubines and illegal children are invited to the man’s estate, on his written request to his lawyer, for the sole purpose of hearing their father’s will! The real conflict starts with the arrival of the concubines and their children as every one is jostling for attention and protection of interests!

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