Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Similarities Between Skelewu And Party Rock Anthem Videos

 Similarities Between Skelewu And Party Rock Anthem Videos
When Davido announced he was going to shoot another ‘Skelewu’ video to be released in five days time following a controversial leak of the first shoot, he wasn’t joking. The official version was released as promised on Monday, October 21, 2013. It was shot in the UK directed by budding D.O.P Mr Moe Musa. Davido and Mr Moe Musa should however be given the award for ‘creative crooks’ of the year as the concept of ‘Skelewu’ is a stolen creative concept.

Who remembers Pop duo LMFAO‘s 2011′s ‘Party rock anthem‘ video? Let’s refresh your memory; The video starts with RedFoo and SkyBlu waking up from a coma in the hospital, hitting the streets to notice the town has been deserted. Just when they get on the road, someone comes to warn them about a song that has caused a frenzy in the town, then a bunch of crazy dancers get close to them and start dancing, LMFAO later join the dance.

The above description just about sums up Davido’s ‘Skelewu‘ video too; Davido waking up from a coma, hitting the streets to be warned by a young man bla bla bla…

What was director Mr Moe Musa thinking? That there was no MTV or YouTube in Nigeria back in 2011? Not only should he be berated for this unacceptable creative plagiarism, he should be visited by LMFAO’s label Interscope Records with a lawsuit.

There is no mention of Moe Musa borrowing the concept or paying homage to LMFAO. The official release from Davido’s publicist WildFlower PR states, ‘HKN Music presents Davido in a revolutionary movie showing the viral effect of the ‘Skelewu’. Revolutionary indeed! 

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