Friday, 8 November 2013

Zimbabwe Woman finds 14 year old daughter having s3x with 19 year old boyfriend on her bed!

A 14-year-old girl was caught in bed with a 19-year-old student right in her mother’s bedroom.
The mother was shocked and was still fuming when the college student appeared in court, charged with having sexual intercourse with an under-age girl.
“Not in my bedroom! On my bed for that matter and using my linen, that can’t be!” said the woman in a thunderous voice as she narrated the story to colleagues.
Simbarashe Muvirimi (19) was convicted for having sexual intercourse with a young person when he appeared before Karoi magistrate Mr Obedience Matare last Thursday. Mr Matare sentenced him to four months in jail before he conditionally suspended a month, while the remaining three months were suspended on condition he performs 105 hours of community service at Agritex, Karoi, beginning last Friday. Charges against Muvirimi arose on the night of October 27 this year when he visited the Form 2 girl under the guise of visiting her brother who was also home.

After a long conversation, the girl went into her mother’s bedroom, leaving her brother with Muvirimi who also bade him farewell shortly afterwards. Muvirimi, however, sneaked back into the house and went into the bedroom where the girl was waiting for him. The two then had sexual intercourse.
As Muvirimi relaxed on the bed, half-naked after the act, the girl’s brother suddenly stormed in. Muvirimi went on bended knee, asking the brother for forgiveness. The 14-year-old’s brother later telephoned their mother who came in the company of police officers. Mr Webster Dimingo prosecuted.
In a related incident, a Hurungwe woman also got the shock of her life after she caught her 13-year-old daughter having sexual intercourse in a maize field with an equally young boy who resides in their neighbourhood.
The heartbroken mother desperately chased the 14-year-old boy, but gave up after he outpaced her. She then reported the matter to the juvenile’s parents and police, leading to his arrest.
Last week, the teenager was ordered to perform 105 hours of community service by Karoi magistrate Mr Obedience Matare who found him guilty of having sexual intercourse with an under-age girl.
The sentence becomes effective on December 9 soon after schools close for vapoedcation.
According to court records, the boy met the girl in a grazing area near Ketsanga Village on October 5. He proposed love and she accepted. The two then agreed to spend “quality time” together later that day.
As planned, they met near the girl’s home. Darkness set in while the girl was still outdoors. Her concerned mother subsequently searched for her in the fields bordering their courtyard. As she waded through the grass contour ridges in the nearby field, she got the shock of her life when she discovered the “love birds” in the act

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