Friday, 23 August 2013

Meet the 46yr old man who has been caged for 30yrs by his parents [Photos]

 Meet the 46yr old man who has been caged for 30yrs by his parents  [Photos]
A Chinese couple have shocked many after it was revealed they locked up their son who displayed signs of mental illness for 30 years. (They have been branded inhumane but what would they have done differently?)

More photos below.

Dong Hai,46, was caged in a five square metre stone shelter in his parent's back yard when they grew frightened that he could hurt someone.
    Dong Watou and his wife Xiao Hong from Longhai, southeast China's Fujian Province said they had appealed to hospitals for help when their only son grew distressed and they feared for his mental health.
    They visited hospitals in the province but were turned away. The couple spent all their savings on medical treatment in a year and had to stop their son's treatment.
    As time goes on the couple, who are now nearly 70 years old, say their greatest fear is what will happen to Hai when they die.
    Hai hasn't stepped outside the bare hut for the past 30 years and food is passed to him through a hole in the wall and each day Hai's father uses a scoop, which is tied on top of a long bamboo pole, to shovel out excrement.Food is served in a tin can and passed through the hole in the wall. Hai receives no physical contact despite living just yards from his elderly parents

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