Friday, 23 August 2013

Melvin and Cleo's Böoty Fight

 Melvin and Cleo's Böoty Fight
Cleo and Melvin got into a mini argument when the latter commented on Cleo's ample booty and boobs.
According to Melvin, he couldn't help but notice how Cleo is filling out her pants and leggings rather nicely since the show started. "Many guys are attracted to big butts and boobs. I'm not trying to offend you. Me and Elikem noticed when you passed the other day that your booty is looking nice. If you were my baby mamma I would be proud. It was just an observation we made" the Nigerian said.

Cleo however, didn't seem to take too kindly to this and mentioned how disrespectful it was because she is a mother. After a while, she revealed how self-conscious she was about her body, especially after her child was born. "I used to get teased all the time about my body. I had the hugest boobs on earth and gained a lot of weight," the Zambian said.

After going back and forth about whether Melvin's comment was a compliment or a dig at Cleo's thick frame, the gang gave it a rest and continued drinking. 

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