Friday, 25 October 2013

CRIME: Police Smash Baby Factory In Rivers

 CRIME: Police Smash Baby Factory In Rivers
The police in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, yesterday paraded a fake In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment service provider, Dr. Chinyere Emeka Precious, for allegedly inducing fake pregnancies. Also paraded were a couple- John Ndubuisi Joseph and Favour Chioma Joseph- who allegedly sell day-old babies to her. Mrs. Precious reportedly owns and operates the God’s Gift Maternity/Hospital at Elelenwo in Port Harcourt Local Government Area.
She was said to inject desperate barren women with substances to make them appear pregnant. She would then arrange a stolen baby for the women. Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (DSP) Jovinus Iwu, who led the operation, said the suspects were arrested at 1am last Saturday.

Iwu said a day-old baby boy and a woman purportedly in labour were “detained”.But the suspects denied the allegation.

Precious said she was a qualified and licensed doctor, who has been practising for several years.
She said: “I have never defrauded anybody and the crime they say I committed I know nothing about it. I am a licensed doctor and have been in practice for several years. The police have all my licences. My number is 348 from the Nigeria Medical Council, Abuja.

“In this country anybody can frame anyone, but God is watching and He will vindicate us.”
She declined further comments.

Joseph said: “My wife was ill. So, I took her to Dr. Precious who has been our family doctor for about one year. Let me tell you that she gave birth to a baby boy last Thursday,

“We have accommodation problem; so I suggested to her to let us sell the baby for N300, 000 to get a house.
“The baby is mine and I did not steal it.

“What I told DSP Iwu in his office was that my wife put to bed on Thursday. I have accommodation problem, so I took the baby to the doctor to sell him for N300,000.”

At the briefing, the officer in charge of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit narrated how the syndicate was tracked down.

“On August 3, at about 1am, the unit got information about a baby factory syndicate, which specialises in selling of day-old babies at Elelenwo, in Port Harcourt.

“On arrival, we met Mrs. Precious, who claimed to be a medical doctor and runs the factory.
“We found a day-old baby boy, who was concealed behind the theatre. There was also a woman there who was reported to have been delivered of a baby.

“When we confronted the woman, she claimed to have under-gone fertility treatment with the doctor.
“But in actual fact, she was not pregnant, and was never pregnant. Rather what they do is hypnotise these women, who believe that they are pregnant. They are injected with substances which make their stomach swell.

“They will then be placed on treatment for nine months. Before delivery, this syndicate makes arrangements to procure the babies, and once the arrangement clicks, they will take the women to the theatre or labour room.

“At this point now, they will inject her with drugs that will make her unconscious; when that is done, she will now be laced with blood all over her body, including her private parts.

“The same blood will also be used on the child, so when she regains consciousness they will now handover the baby to her, claiming that she has delivered.

“Then they will start the second round of treatment to deflate her stomach.

“Unfortunately, most women have fallen victims and it has been going on for so many years.
“What we saw at the clinic was unimaginable. You see innocent women from as far as Abuja, Kaduna, Calabar, among others, all under going the quick fertility treatment.

“These things are done at an exorbitant price. Prices range between N1.5million to N6million per child.
“We are hoping that at the end of the day, the syndicate will be charged to court.”

The recovered baby is at the motherless baby’s home at Borokiri in Port Harcourt.

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