Friday, 25 October 2013

Crocodile Causes Scare At Kwara Council Secretariat

 Crocodile Causes Scare At Kwara Council Secretariat
The appearance of a crocodile in an office at the Baruten Local Government Council Secretariat at Kosubosu in Kwara on Friday caused pandemonium, forcing workers to scamper for their safety.
When a correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria visited the secretariat, workers were seen in groups discussing the incident. Some workers said that the reptile was sighted behind a door by a worker, Haruna Hussein.
According to one of the workers, Hasheem Tijani, the movement of the reptile behind the door of one of the offices attracted the attention of Hussein, who raised an alarm on sighting it. Tijani said that workers in their offices ran out when the alarm was raised but some brave men later went back to the office with stones, sticks and cutlasses to kill the reptile.

He said that no one could actually explain how the reptile got into the office.

Mr. Tijani described the appearance of the crocodile as the strangest thing to happen in the history of the council.

According to him, the secretariat is clean without bushes around the premises for a crocodile or any animal to enter the office.

“It is a strange thing seeing a crocodile in our office. There is no river near us to suggest that it might come from the river and our environment is not bushy.

“Also, today is not Monday so that we would have said it hid there over the weekend,” he said.

The official said that workers were in the office on Thursday and that the door was locked after close of work.

After the reptile was killed and taken away, normal activities resumed at the secretariat. 

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