Monday, 29 July 2013

RCCG Pastor’s Daughter Insists Islam Is Her Religion Of Choice

RCCG Pastor’s Daughter Insists Islam Is Her Religion Of Choice
Daughter of Pastor Raymond Uzoechina of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Charity Uzoechina, whose father alleged was hypnotised and forced into converting to Islam has finally spoken on her conversion.
Charity, who has been living at the palace of Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, since converting to Islam has called on Nigerians to leave her alone to practice the religion of her choice.

Speaking on telephone to Vanguard yesterday, Charity insisted that nobody forced her into Islam, and therefore urged everyone concerned to hold their peace and let her practice her new found faith.

“I did it on my own. Nobody forced or enticed me to become a Muslim. I converted to Islam on my own. Am I the first to convert to Islam in Nigeria? So what is it?”

Pastor Raymond Uzoechina, had earlier claimed that Charity was abducted and hypnotised to say and do what she was doing. He went on to challenge the Etsu Nupe to produce Charity in court for cross-examination by his lawyer.

Charity however said; “I know people are influencing my father and I am praying for him and other members of my family to know that this is the right religion.”

Charity whose father has been fuming about her continued stay at the Etsu Nupe’s palace also said she was not interested in going back to her father’s house.

“I am not going back to my father because of his actions in recent times. He has been threatening me and at my age (25), I am free to practice any religion of my choice and so, I should be left to decide.

“If I want to sue him to court, I can at this my age because it is my right to practice any religion I want.”

A Sharia court had earlier granted Etsu Nupe custody of Charity who now wants to be called Aisha, a ruling her father appealed on grounds that a Sharia court has no jurisdiction of a matter concerning a Christian in a free state like Nigeria. The appeal ruling is slated for August, but the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Niger State Chapter would love the issue settled out of court.

Speaking to newsmen, Niger State CAN Chairman, Rev. Musa Dada, said CAN had visited the Etsu Nupe’s palace along with other CAN officials from Abuja officially on the matter and that plans were on to settle the case out of court.

“We have met with the Etsu Nupe and other stake holders involved at the Etsu’s palace and we have made progress.

“I can assure you that probably before the August 1 (Thursday) date, when the case is expected to come up at the Sharia Court, Bida, something positive is likely to come out which will put an end to the rift,” Dada said.

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