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Glo Magic Sim Settings For 2014 – Browse Free Unlimited

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Glo Magic Sim Settings For 2014 – Browse Free Unlimited
The game of free browsing is just one most sourced after information on the internet. Since internet subscription is on the high side and Airtel has put a stop to their blackberry 2+1 package, a new kid is now on block. There is the latest Glo Magic Sim. The Glo magic sim works unlimited during the period of one month and can be renewed when subscription has been exhausted completely. I believe some of you guys might have heard about it, as per 2014,
January,9th, this post was made, the browsing tips still works.
Disclaimer: Please note that this service is subjected to be blocked at any point in time and so i shouldn’t be blamed if the code is blocked, does not work or does not last you longer. No free thing lasts for ever.
Configuration Or Settings For Glo Magic Sim 2014
For you to successfully set up your glo magic Sim, here are the little things you need to get ready:
– Two Glo Sim cards
– N1,000 glo recharged card
– A torch light phone
– Internet browsing Modem
If you already have all these ready, then you should be reading through the next step.
Step 2
– Get both of your Glo sim and insert the first in your modem and the other in your torch light Nokia phone.
– Load the N1,000 recharge card in the phone and dial *127*53# or you can as well Sms 53 to 127.
– Do not browse with it until you have completed the process stipulated below.
– From Sim 2 (the sim you subscribed the 1000 plan on) dial this code *127*01*the second number on your modem Sim 1# e.g *127*01*08072222222#. If this is successfully done, you will receive a success data share transfer to your sim 1.Browse for some minutes on your sim1 and then dial this code on Sim 2 (the sim on nokia torch)*127*02*number of the sim in your modem#


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